System for the automatic punching of sheet metal strips up to 1000mm wide and 2mm thick, with coil feeding.


The line consists of a decoiler, a sheet metal feeding system, an EXN servo-electric punching machine, a light or heavy shear extraction system and finished product unloading roller conveyors.

    Integral casing

    The market offers disconnected mesh perimeter guards, which are bulky and not very functional, and which perform the safety function of blocking the production process when the user enters the work area.

    EXN's casing, on the other hand, is perfectly adapted to the customer's technology, becoming an integral part of it. It allows the user to interact with the machine according to the specific needs (maintenance, material loading/unloading, calibrations and adjustments, process checks) by intervening on a single phase without interfering with the rest of the production cycle.

    The integral casing we have designed encloses the line completely, giving it a new identity: it is safer, it improves aesthetic perception and user experience and it also improves the sales potential of the entire line instead of the individual components.


        Each section of the casing is designed to accommodate components and accessories that vary in size and quantity.

        In the same way, the layout of the entire casing can be changed according to its position in the factory: the central core (including the feeder, the punching machine and the shear) has been designed to be completely symmetrical and to connect, without design modifications, to the recoiler or to the unloading bench, depending on how the end customer wants to configure the line.

        Traditional casings are fragmented and partial: they essentially perform safety functions without considering the end user's experience of use, the line assembly process and the constraints of the context.

          Design Human Centred

          The casing we have designed takes all these aspects into account: simplicity cleanliness, tidiness and elegance are the values that inspired the development of the product. A sliding door with cantilever guides, accesses for individual needs to interact with the machine, modules delivered pre-assembled, platforms that cover the cable passage, LEDs that indicate progress: all these features make the user's experience exemplary.

              Refined aesthetics

              The new EXN is a fully enclosed, homogeneous and compact line, thanks to a detailed design. This has made it possible to create a new product which, in addition to the heart of the machine (the punching machine), can also contain auxiliary processes, thanks to the design. Colours and graphics designed especially for it, combinations of materials, consistent adhesive applications positioned to enhance the brand.


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