Ours is creative engineering; we are constantly faced with complex design challenges for which we always find efficient solutions.

We design on the customer’s layout, but what makes our work enjoyable is inventing innovative and alternative solutions, starting from concepts developed by our design division.

      As engineers, we see ourselves as part of wider work group.

      In concrete terms, this means that our potential is showcased precisely when, having received the design specifications from the customer, we are free to create what we know best through engineering solutions applied to the world of sheet metal construction.

      Our ingenuity is constantly compared with the professionalism of those who are responsible for building our projects. This continual exchange of knowledge has equipped us with leading expertise in the sector.

      We work by continuously reflecting on what we do.

      We like reviewing, analysing and improving manufacturing projects and processes with a view to constantly cutting costs and improving the product.

          We work with the latest-generation CAD/CAM and 3D modelling software in constant dialogue with PDM and ERP. This allows for the detailed, in-depth and shared development of technical information, production item lists and design specifications.


          Design and production experience in light metalworking of guarding, and cabins for machine tools and industrial plants.

          Add value to your project

          We provide tailored solutions: we assess the best one for you.