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The wait is finally over - we are delighted to announce that this year, we have once again been chosen by ADI with a new project.

Namely VOYAGER 50, the new AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) developed in collaboration with Polytec Intralogistics.

    This robot is much more than a simple AMR: it is a masterpiece of design and engineering that reflects the two companies’ shared vision.

    Eine seiner Stärken liegt in seiner Vielseitigkeit. Das System ist so konzipiert, dass mehrere Werkzeuge und Zubehörteile in einer einzigen Basis untergebracht werden können. Diese Lösung wurde durch ein Design ermöglicht, das sich den Anforderungen anpasst, ohne die Funktionalität zu beeinträchtigen.

      Great care was taken over the details.

      From the very beginning, the main goal was to give VOYAGER 50 a dynamic appearance without making it look aggressive. The direction indicators were designed with extra care and their layout studied to give the robot an almost “human” appearance.

      This attention to detail was aimed at creating a “friendly” presence for operators, thus improving man-machine interaction.

      The partnership between our team and Polytec Intralogistics resulted in a one-of-a-kind product which combines cutting-edge functions with an eye-catching design. We look forward to seeing how VOYAGER 50 will revolutionise logistics automation.

      Stay tuned because the future has just begun!


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