Alpha 30 is an automatic extrusion and blowing machine for the production of high density polypropylene containers of up to 30L.


Formest created the safety protection, overseeing the design and industrial production, accompanying this step with an image revamp, suitable to give the right value to the brand.

    The casing design as a combination of performance and formal cleaning

    The design for the protective casing of Alpha 30 was welcomed by the customer as it gives the blowing machine a sense of modernity, cleanliness and essentiality, even compared to the other models of the brand and to those of the competition.

      Fairing protection and accessibility

      In order to allow complete access to the customer's technology, a series of hinged and folding doors were studied that determined the overall aesthetics of the casing, with a focus on the intrinsic mechanical design phase. A logic of design to cost guided all the design choices adopted.

          Study of graphics and aesthetic elements

          The customer logo, positioned in the most characteristic part of the casing from an aesthetic perspective, is made of slightly embossed bisatinated red polycarbonate. The red side band harmoniously connects the two levels, modulating the thickness to adapt to the production and aesthetic requirements.

            The design of all the casing elements seamlessly combines aesthetics and functionality, while minimising the costs of materials and processes.


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