The design of the Osmo SB021 screen printing machine for glass and plastic objects is available on the market as an extremely advanced product capable of regenerating its identification marks and allowing the customer to expand towards new markets.


The system casing was designed by us: an innovative design that optimises materials and processes for a high aesthetic yield with high safety standards and low costs.

    Accessibility and functionality

    The machine technology is fully accessible thanks to a casing that can be opened as required. Moreover, we have ensured high safety standards by limiting access to the most sensitive parts of the machine for maintenance purposes only.

    Design to cost

    The customer wanted to improve the aesthetics of the casings, but in a cost-effective way. To achieve this result, we optimised the preventive design phase by identifying effective design solutions. The shapes were developed with a view to minimising welding and adjustment operations; we switched from stainless steel to painted carbon steel, which is less expensive but durable and more workable; we made careful use of polycarbonate, using it only in the top part.

      Aerodynamic shapes inspired by car design characterise the aesthetics of this industrial machine, which represents a discontinuity with respect to the more traditional shapes used previously.

          Colours and graphics

          The logo applied as a sticker has two colours, associated to two coloured bands that contribute to characterising the design of the automatic machine.

          There are blue lines on the edges of the shapes, which add a touch of colour.


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