Our designers anticipate possible evolutions in the aesthetic appearance of machine tools and industrial plants.


For the production of corrugated fibreboard, we came up with an innovative design which incorporates eye-catching shapes and aerodynamic styling.

The aim of this concept is to stimulate a creative idea linked to the aesthetic appearance of industrial cowlings.
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    Industrial design: concept

    The style of the enclosure aims to transmit a sense of continuity despite the fragmented layout typical of this type of industrial system. Corrugators, glueing machines, hotplates, cutter and operator workstations are incorporated into a single line by using calendered aesthetic elements and bands of colour which flow in an orderly manner from the start to the end of the machine.

      The rationale behind the design and mechanical design is governed by the need to create industrial soundproof cabins with insulated sandwich panels, i.e. internal soundproofing panels which allow noise to be controlled are very simple to produce and install.


      The external aesthetic elements, on the other hand, are used as ducts for electric cables or steam extraction pipes. The part underneath is also designed to house the LED walkway lighting for the operator or indicate the machine operating status.

          Control Room

          The control room is integrated with the structure through the use of external colour coatings
          Located at the end of the line, it encloses and completes the aerodynamic line, inspired by the shapes of the American streamline design. In short, the dynamic quality of the line recalls the theme of energy associated with the curved outline, conjuring up a sense of power and speed.

            The shape of the elements is designed to draw the eye of the observer towards the signature features of the machine enclosure . The force lines converge in the middle and define the edges and details.


              Design and production experience in light metalworking of guarding, and cabins for machine tools and industrial plants.

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