This job showcases our expertise in the production field in guaranteeing highly stringent dimension tolerances.
An example of this are the hoppers for collecting waste from tobacco processing systems producing cigarettes.

Stainless steel, carbon steel

    Precision mechanical metalworking

    The customer asked us for parts in thin sheets of stainless steel which fit perfectly to the existing machine. The priority is that the tobacco waste does not escape in transit causing a build-up which could lead to mould and create a non-compliant working environment.

      The light metalwork assembly consists of a press-bent sheet metal body, welded and secured to a milled and painted aluminium support basement.

      The dimension tolerances are very small (0.5 mm) and call for precision conformity checks as well as a high level of assembly expertise.


        Design and production experience in light metalworking of guarding, and cabins for machine tools and industrial plants.

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