This electric steam steriliser used in the medical and pharmaceutical sector is an example of production certified according to the Directive 2014/68/EU (PED) relating to the safety of pressure equipment pressure appliances.

Stainless steel

    The light structural metalwork of the cabin consists of 8-mm thick stainless steel which requires complex press brake operations to bend the metal sheet.

      Thermal insulation cabin

      The large autoclave is enclosed by a cavity wall and coated with highly insulating melamine resin, so that the maximum temperature of the external metal surface does not exceed 40°C.

      Sheet metal products for the medical and pharmaceutical industry

      For the medical and pharmaceutical industry, we can produce solutions in sheet metal in compliance with the quality requirements specified for medical and healthcare devices. Stainless steel’s resistance to oxidation, together with manufacturing processes in cleanrooms and qualified operators, has allowed us to take part in joint design projects with leading partners in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.



      Design and production experience in light metalworking of guarding, and cabins for machine tools and industrial plants.

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