The safety guarding created for the new Mini Lario industrial plotter, for digital printing on textile fabrics and paper by MS Printing, stems from a creative design study resulting in an eye-catching prototype, nominated for the ADI Design Index 2019.

Carbon steel, polycarbonate, stainless steel, fibreglass

Industrial design machine fairing

The style of this product is inspired by the desire to propose a decisive rebranding which honours the brand with a specific focus on the family feeling aesthetic and is enhanced through the value of Italian design.

      There is a strong contrast, running through the project, between the curved lines that recall the traditional shapes, beloved by the customer, and a simple, wholly functional, diagonal straight element.

      From the concept to the definition of the final specifications, the design of this machine enclosure was constantly compared with a project rationale closely linked to production.

        Thin sheet metal and composite materials

        The painted thin sheet metal structure was enhanced by the use of moulded fibreglass and screen-printed polycarbonate panels.


        The addition of stainless steel door handles are details, which, in their simplicity, reveal the design research, focus on details and overall vision of shapes and functions.

        Industrial installation of the machine guarding

        To assemble the structure and transport it in a High Cube container, the decision was taken, from the concept design stage, to divide the safety guarding into appropriately sized modules.

          The large-scale painted metal panels were made of aluminium to reduce their weight and simplify installation on-site, even without an overhead crane.

          These expedients were greatly appreciated by the customer because they meant that tests could be performed in the production area, thus speeding up assembly times and cutting down on the lifting equipment required


              Design and production experience in light metalworking of guarding, and cabins for machine tools and industrial plants.

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