Constellation S6 is the revolutionary solution for managing tissue paper converting and packaging lines, created for Fabio Perini SPA.

Carbon steel, polycarbonate, fiberglass

An ambitious experiment which combined the latest frontier in digital and industrial mechanical technology with a hitherto unseen design in the sector, capable of translating the technological value of the machine into a powerful communications tool.

Design concept of industrial safety guards

The key messages to deliver in the design of this product were technological innovation and a sense of speed. A safety enclosure was, therefore, designed which is laid out in a linear and orderly fashion along the entire length of the production chain.

    The sensation that you get when you stand in front of this structure is one of lightness, clean lines and movement, despite its impressive size. The integration of complex materials (fibreglass) with advanced technology (motorised shutters with reverse opening) basically created an evolutionary leap with respect to the past.

      For Formest, Constellation S6 was the most significant undertaking to date in terms of design and production commitment. The huge structure, measuring 64.5 (L) x 14.4 (D) x 4.7 (H) m, was completed in just a few months, from the style concept to the final installation at the customer’s site.

      Industry 4.0 manufacturing

      For this project, we showcased our ability to simultaneously integrate our expertise and work on multiple production levels. 
      The design stage overlapped with the production stage right up until the day of final delivery, showcasing our ability to coordinate and manage complex processes. An authentic challenge, overcome with total commitment and immense satisfaction.

        Advanced safety

        This industrial guarding showcases our engineering expertise honed in the field of implementing accident-prevention safety systems. An example of this are the access doors which limit entry to the most hazardous areas of the system to authorised personnel only.


        They consist of two doors which cordon off an entry room in which a pressure-sensitive safety mat verifies the access of one person at a time.

          A video surveillance camera checks the identity of the operator while the doors are unlocked by a safety code.

          Design to cost: the design study was governed from the outset by the need to contain costs, thus the entire structure is supported by modules of varying widths.

            The external panels can change configuration according to need (blank panels in painted sheet metal, polycarbonate panels or access and inspection doors).


            Curved surfaces were only used in the converting area, where there is a greater use technology, to thus reflect its value.

            In total, 137,000 kg of sheet metal were handled and positioned, completed by fibreglass parts, polycarbonate panels, motorised openings and accessories.

            Industrial installations

            The assembly experience at the customer’s site showcases our ability to coordinate resources, purchasing and logistics.

              The bodywork was installed at the same time as the production line, which meant our assemblers had to interact and fit in with the schedules and logic of the customer’s operators on-site.


              Design and production experience in light metalworking of guarding, and cabins for machine tools and industrial plants.

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