For this line of fibre laser cutting process for pipes and profiles, we have offered our experience in the creation of industrial protection, starting from the customer's project.

Carbon steel, polycarbonates, aluminium

    After a first phase of analysis of the project and optimisation of the same, all the technical drawings, processing bills of materials and design specifications necessary for the internal production of the casing were elaborated.

      Integrated skills

      In the production of the casing we have integrated skills in the field of assembly, mechanical fitting and logistics.


      In this way, the logic of transportation and supply of industrial protection has been optimised, with considerable savings in terms of costs and production times.  

      Transportation tools

      An example is given by the study of the transportation mechanisms, performed by our engineering area, which allowed the customer to install the casing directly on their machine.


        Design and production experience in light metalworking of guarding, and cabins for machine tools and industrial plants.

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