At the request of a corrugated cardboard manufacturer, using the Agnati line, we retrofitted a machine guarding that had become worn over time and could no longer guarantee adequate noise control and industrial sound insulation.

Painted carbon steel, zinc-coated steel, mineral wool, plaster

Although our intervention focused exclusively on the insulated sheet metal protection of the industrial system, the entire factory area benefited in terms of operator well-being, cleanliness and safety in the workplace.


    The existing, outdated metal structure with visible signs of wear was completely removed to make space for a new soundproof booth with improved acoustic comfort and humidity dispersal.
    The metalwork consisted of a series of galvanised sheet metal panels which were painted to combat the natural oxidisation.



        Glueing machine

        It did not have any covering and was in one of the noisiest areas. A soundproof booth was, therefore, designed from scratch which was self-supporting without impacting the existing structure and compromising its operation.
        Galvanised sheet metal partitioning panels are used on the floor of the machine housing as well which protect the surrounding work area.




            The extractor hood was removed and the outer safety guards were replaced by a compact cabin. The structure consists of a freestanding frame and a series of sliding doors (without tracks on the ground) which guarantee accessibility for routine and unscheduled maintenance purposes. The extraction of industrial fumes is ensured by special openings on the roof of the machine fairing.

                Slitter and Control Room

                We completely covered the slitting area (especially noisy) with a soundproof cabin enclosure. The acoustic comfort for the staff working in the adjacent area, in the control room, has been significantly improved. The improvement in the working conditions was perceptible as soon as the line was restarted. 

                    Features of the sound-absorbing panels

                    The new noise control cabins are made of the following materials:


                    • Panelling with a thickness of 80 or 50 mm made of galvanised sheet metal in the dampest areas with layers of sound-absorbing mineral wool and sound-insulating plasterboard. The panel is finished with stretched galvanised mesh
                    • Access doors with the same features as the sound-absorbing walls;
                    • Laminated glass panes.


                    The cabins with above-mentioned design can theoretically provide noise control of up to 30 dB(A)*.
                    Depending on the specific requests, solutions with different features can be designed and implemented.

                    * The actual noise reduction is conditioned by the cabin construction features that must adapt to the existing system (openings for material input and output, system intersections, etc.)


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