The design of these CNC multi-axis machine tool housings initially involved the design division. Two examples of five-axis milling machines for working precious metals are shown below.

Carbon steel, stainless steel, polycarbonate

    The common denominator of the different types of machines is the need to reduce the dimensions of the machine fairing and give them a more attractive look, thus increasing the value of the brand and renewing the image of the product.

    XR 181

    In this protective housing, the main access is an automatic vertical opening, designed to optimise space. It also has a LED signalling system on the side indicating the production process status.

      A watertight work area has been created inside where the cooling liquids flow into a stainless steel collection tank at the bottom.

        Astra X

        For this second product, our designers integrated the control panel  into the structure, making the overall size more compact whilst maintaining the same functionality, ergonomics and ease of use.


        The result was achieved by using friction hinges which allow the position of the control pad to be adjusted based on the operator’s needs.

          To improve operating comfort, the command pulpit was also fitted with gas springs which allow it to be turned 15°. This design expedient improves the operator’s visibility because the monitor is positioned 110 cm from the ground.

            All the mechanical design was done jointly with the customer to create protective housings with increased performance compared to standard production models.
            Thus, it was possible to create a metal structure which fully satisfied all the customer’s requirements.


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