We create “made-to-measure” machine guardings and our technical team often designs industrial safety guards based on the customer’s evolving and not yet full defined technology. As a result, we need to be flexible and fast in manufacturing enclosures that evolve with the technology they house.

Mild steel, layered glass

This is an example of industrial design aimed at customising a guarding for machine tools based on the customisation requirements of the purchasers of the end products.

    Customised solutions for tooling machinery safety guards

    In this specific case, the base structure of this high-speed milling machine was modified to allow the pallet to enter from the front rather than the side. In another version of the cabin, an external storage area was integrated with 150 places and the doors were motorised to improve their usability. Lastly, design solutions were identified for integrating the electrical panels.

      We support our customers in the creation of customised layouts by adapting the bodywork to the requested size variations.


        Design and production experience in light metalworking of guarding, and cabins for machine tools and industrial plants.

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