We produce guards, cabins and protective housing for machine tools.
We excel in the development of industrial design that is the signature feature of our service.
Our products are aesthetically elegant and refined, yet also functional.

Carbon steel, laminated glass

    The protective housing of this 3- or 5-axis Gantry machining centre showcases our specialisation in creating enclosures that are sealed against coolant lubricants and moving parts.

        Stainless steel insulated chamber

        The machine enclosure consists of an internal stainless steel lining and external painted steel walls, fitted with heat-insulating panels which combine to form an insulation chamber. This allows the support basement of the machine to be kept cool and ensure high-precision machining.


        The access door, at the rear of the cabin, was designed to withstand up to 70 bar of pressure with special custom gasket and labyrinth systems. The final tests confirmed its reliability.

        Modular machine housing

        The protective chamber was designed to facilitate the assembly  operations and set up for different configurations. As a result, it consists of modular metal panels which can be adapted to different lengths from the basement, housing one or more tool magazines.
        The door is pre-configured for the installation of a motorisation kit which allows for automatic opening. The activation kit includes a safety system which cordons off the area in which the door moves and protects the access area with light curtains.


          Design and production experience in light metalworking of guarding, and cabins for machine tools and industrial plants.

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