For Mar S.r.l., we created a machine guarding prototype for a cylindrical grinding machine.
The product was presented at Mecspe 2018, the top fair for the manufacturing and machine tool industry.

Carbon steel, stainless steel, polycarbonate, laminated glass

Titan 1000 is a cylindrical grinding machine for internal and external use which can be combined with automatic loading and dimensional control systems.
The basement is made of natural granite for maximum thermal stability; the technology produces mechanical components parts which comply with stringent size tolerances.

Cooling lubricant protection and containment

In this project, industrial design solutions and mechanical design constantly interact to produce an efficient operator safety guard.

For Titan 1000, an industrial bodywork was developed with an innovative and eye-catching design which showcases the manufacturers’ energy and represents brand reliability.

    The technical team designed special labyrinth seals and chutes which transport the processing lubricants into the support base, preventing leakages

    Industrial Design Concept

    The custom wanted to break the traditional mould and differentiate its grinding machines from those on the market by revamping the external appearance. Accordingly, we designed the bodywork of the prototype presented at Mecspe 2018, showcasing our expertise in industrial design, in particular.

      The aesthetic impact was studied in detail. Shapes, materials, colours, graphics and finishes were all incorporated in design techniques which promptly fulfil the need to contain the processing lubricants and prevent the projection of swarf and any other fragments resulting from tool breakages.

        Precision surface finishes

        The Pai-Kor nano surface treatment, which maintains the shine and cleanliness of stainless steel, allowed the unprecedented use of this material for the control panel in an industrial machinery setting.

          Control unit

          The command pulpit can be rotated on the hinge, specially designed to adapt to the minimum space available. The layout was designed by positioning the displays, keypad and buttons with a user-friendly approach. Made of stainless steel to enhance it with a statement look.

            Sliding access doors

            A series of sheet metal labyrinths and rubber gaskets contain the water and liquids during the machining of the metal.

            A transparent section in polycarbonate allows the operator to see inside whilst providing protection.

            Instead of classic industrial warning signals, we opted for an innovative solution by displaying the different machine work conditions through the use of RGB LEDs, which also highlighted the customer’s brand name.


                Design and production experience in light metalworking of guarding, and cabins for machine tools and industrial plants.

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