Breakfast in the workshop

In the ongoing search for new ways to engage and inspire young talent in our community, our company has developed a very special annual event since 2022: “Breakfast in the workshop”. This initiative offers graduates from our region the opportunity to discover our professional world up close, to meet professionals from the sector and to gain an initial experience of the world of work and job interviews in an informal and welcoming manner.

Breakfast in the workshop is an engaging experience designed to introduce young people to the many facets of our industry and show them how their talents and passions can find a significant role in companies in our sector.

    The day starts with breakfast which offers new graduates the opportunity to meet members of our team in a relaxed setting. This moment is ideal for breaking the ice, exchanging experiences and asking questions about what they are interested in. Breakfast thus becomes not only a time to enjoy good food, but also to feed the curiosity and desire to learn of the young participants.

    Afterwards, participants will have the opportunity to take a guided tour to explore the various departments and activities that animate the company.

    At the end of the day, we offer new graduates the opportunity to participate in fact-finding interviews. It is a unique opportunity to establish significant connections, receive constructive feedback and leave a long-lasting impression.

      An experience that goes one step beyond:

      “Breakfast in the workshop” is the start of a long-lasting relationship with talented young people in the area. We continue to support and guide these new graduates through internships and training opportunities. The hope is that through this initiative young people can have a positive experience of encountering the world of work and ask themselves the right questions to get started: “What do I like doing?”, “What do I get satisfaction from?”, “Are my abilities what Formest is looking for?”.


      In conclusion, “Breakfast in the workshop” is a unique event to link new graduates to the world of job opportunities. It offers a window onto our commitment, interest and desire to help the young people in our area to discover their passion. We are excited to continue hosting this event and to welcome new, curious and enterprising minds each year.


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