EXN 1000:

Triumphs at the ADI Index Award

We are thrilled to share our latest success with you in the field of industrial design. This award not only celebrates our fourth ADI Design Index Award since 2019, but also cements our position as a leading industrial design company.

The design of the EXN 1000 machine, commissioned by Dallan Spa, has laid the foundations for a revolution in industrial production.

EXN 1000 is an integrated system for automatic coil-fed punching. What makes it truly extraordinary, however, is our revolutionary approach to the entire production process.

The focal point of the design lies in the housing. It was analysed and completely overhauled, resulting in an innovative concept: integration. The housing was, in fact, designed to combine all the components in a single body, creating a complete production line to manage the entire process. 
The full integration of all the various stages has a significant impact on performance because it reduces the cycle times and increases production speed. 



    But we didn’t stop there. The construction of an all-in-one housing has led to savings in materials, thus reducing purchase quantities and waste. Every aspect was carefully considered to ensure maximum efficiency and optimisation of resources.


    User experience also proved very important during the design stage. The protective device implemented not only increases safety, but also improves the overall aesthetics and user experience. Details such as the sliding door with cantilever rails, access to allow machine interaction and platforms covering the cable routing reflect our commitment to creating an outstanding user experience.


    The success of the EXN 1000 and our success at the ADI Index Awards bear witness to our ability to tackle challenges as opportunities for innovation.


    Design and production experience in light metalworking of guarding, and cabins for machine tools and industrial plants.

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