Voyager 50 is the new Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) from Polytec Intralogistics.

Carbon steel, polycarbonate

It is designed to automate the transportation of components in indoor spaces and optimise logistics flows. It is able to interact with a dynamic environment by making decisions with a high degree of flexibility.

      One design for two configurations

      The system is designed to accommodate multiple tools in a single base. A roller conveyor or lifting device (capable of moving up to 500 kg) can be installed in the versions shown (N50 and S50).


      To incorporate this solution in a single product, the design study worked within the constraints of the technology to be covered.


      A removable interlocking system has been devised that allows the cover of the roller conveyor version to be removed and replaced with the bellows of the lifting version, without any further modifications to the shape.

      Design Human Centered

      Besondere Aufmerksamkeit wurde auf die Gestaltung der Richtungsanzeiger gelegt, die teilweise von der Welt des Automobildesigns und teilweise von der Tierwelt inspirierte LEDs verwenden.  Das Ziel bestand darin, dem Roboter ein dynamisches Aussehen zu verleihen, ohne aggressiv zu wirken; seine Ausdrucksfähigkeit, die durch die Form und Positionierung der Anzeiger vermittelt wird, wurde sorgfältig geplant.  Die Absicht bestand darin, eine 'freundliche' Präsenz für die Bediener zu schaffen.

        This animal-like appearance, further emphasised by the oval-shaped adhesives placed on the front, reminiscent of an animal’s muzzle, unconsciously contributes to improving human-machine interaction.


        The ventilation grille, used for heat dissipation, completes the front design with a unique geometric pattern.

        The graphics evoke the colours of BM Group Polytec, enhanced by silver grey reminiscent of the world of automation and robotics.


          Design and production experience in light metalworking of guarding, and cabins for machine tools and industrial plants.

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