Voyager 50 is the new Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) from Polytec Intralogistics.

Carbon steel, polycarbonate

Its purpose is to automate the transportation of components in indoor spaces and optimize logistics flows. It can interact with a dynamic environment, making decisions with high flexibility.

      Single Design for Two Configurations

      The system is designed to accommodate multiple tools on a common base. In the presented versions (N50 and S50), it is possible to install either a roller conveyor or a lifting device (capable of moving up to 500 kg). To enable this solution in a single product, the design study worked within the constraints of the technology to be covered. A removable interlocking system has been designed, allowing the cover of the roller conveyor version to be removed and replaced with the bellows of the lifting version, without any further shape modifications.

      Design Human Centered

      Particular attention has been given to the study of direction indicators, LEDs partly inspired by the world of car design and partly by the animal world. The goal was to give the robot a dynamic look without appearing aggressive; its expression, conveyed by the shape and positioning of the indicators, was carefully designed. The intention was to represent a 'friendly' presence for the operators.

        This zoomorphism, further emphasized by the presence of the front adhesive in the shape of an oval that recalls the features of an animal's muzzle, unconsciously contributes to enhancing the human-machine interaction.

        The ventilation grille, functional for heat dissipation, completes the frontal design with a unique geometric pattern

        The graphics evoke the colors of BM Group Polytec, enriched by a silver gray that relates to the world of automation and robotic


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