ADV Combipac is the new packaging system by CFT Robotics.

Carbon steel, monolithic glass, white opaline polycarbonate

An automated machine for all-in-one secondary packaging with multiple functions, including erecting, filling, closing and palletising of boxes. An innovative design linked to the world of bodywork for industrial automation, for technology that protects and enhances

    Modular design

    Unlike our competitors who produce static lines, protected by safety guards and protection systems specifically designed for a specific configuration, ADV can me made up of a varying number of standard modules based on the production process stages in use

      Technology and machine enclosure are integrated and can be arranged in different layouts, adapted to include one or more of the following stages: erecting, filling, closing and palletising.


      The tailpieces at the end of the line are structured to house the electrical panels. In the single module version, there are simple closing panels in painted sheet metal.

        Machine enclosure with organised spaces

        A series of storage compartments have been pre-configured for the wiring of the electrical cabinets and Fanuc controllers.
        The openings are operated by telescopic runners, gas spring systems and folding hinges.

            The space which houses the Fanuc controllers complies with IP55 industrial certification ensuring protection from water and dust. Each compartment is fitted with a heat dissipation system.

              The electrical system runs inside the frame, so it is concealed but still accessible via the dedicated openings.

              This design solution makes cleaning operations much simpler which are carried out every day in the food industry, using high pressure washers.

                Aesthetic appearance and accessories

                The RGB LED is an industrial design touch: the illuminated strips are inserted between the various modules and frame the tailpieces, highlighting the contours of the shapes.

                They also make it possible to monitor the production process status from all sides, giving the machine fairing a sense of style and ease-of-use.

                    The range of accessories includes the custom control unit with a removable front panel which allows it to be fitted with different types of monitors.


                    The cables run through a specially designed, articulated arm which is totally waterproof. The profile is enhanced by LEDs which indicate the work status.

                        Colours and graphics

                        The stickers have been designed to draw the centre of vision into the heart of the machine. The graphics recall the company’s colours, enhanced by the use of silver grey which is a nod to the world of industrial automation and robotics.


                        The uprights are protected by machine casing covers which have a wholly aesthetic function are used to guarantee two colours. The entire interior is, in fact, in RAL 9003 to make it brighter whilst the exterior is in RAL 7021 with a textured finish, which is unusual for the food industry and adds a highly technological look.

                        Overall, the machine enclosure has been designed to be produced more quickly and at a lower cost.

                        Assisted metalworking assembly

                        The engineering was facilitated by the symmetrical modules, elements assembled autonomously and modularity of the structure in the installation stage.

                        These design expedients allow the operators to simultaneously move ahead with the metalworking of the various modules and facilitate handling during transportation and assembly.


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