At the Itma 2023 exhibition, the brand-new Extreme industrial plotter was officially launched, the result of an exciting co-design collaboration between our design and engineering office and the MAS team.

Carbon steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, fiber glass, PE

    The enclosure is characterized by an aerodynamic styling (inspired by the world of design) that recalls shapes capable of penetrating the air and able to give the design a sense of dynamism and speed.

      Formal balances

      The shapes of the volumes have been designed to direct the observer's gaze towards the most significant points of the enclosure. The lines of force converge in the center, defining its boundaries and details.

        Attention to detail

        Extreme is an advanced industrial machine that combines high performance with unparalleled design.

        Meticulous attention to detail has guided every stage of the design process.

        From the control panel with carbon fiber and aluminum trim, to the control buttons accentuated by backlit LED frames, to the dynamic shapes of the storage compartments, all the way to the study of the front status LED pattern, the attention to detail has been almost obsessive, contributing to making the design of Extreme unique in the market.

        Access Points for Maintenance

        Sliding openings on the sides of the machine provide access to the print carriage for maintenance work. Similarly, in the roof area, there are hinged panels with gas springs.

        In the front and rear sections of the enclosure, there are four swing doors that further facilitate maintenance operations

          The decals have been designed to direct the center of vision towards the heart of the machine. The graphics incorporate the company's colors, enriched by the use of a silver gray that relates to the world of automation and robotics


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