MAS Vertical is an innovative front-to-back fabric printing system. Simultaneous vertical printing technology allows for high-quality and utmost precision prints on both sides of the fabric.


The front-to-back printing capability offers significant advantages in terms of efficiency and sustainability, reducing water consumption and optimizing all phases of the process.

    Ergonomics and Operational Functionality

    The design process began with the definition of the printing layout, which had a significant impact on the mechanical design of the machine.

    The layout of the industrial machine was conceived to ensure complete visibility of the printing process. The operator has the freedom to move around the machine, allowing them to monitor the printing process from both sides of the paper or fabric.

    This was made possible through a comprehensive study of the paper path and a dedicated focus on product ergonomics.

    The machine's technology is fully accessible thanks to a protection system designed to open according to needs: 8 sliding doors have been integrated, allowing complete access to the workspace for both maintenance and operational tasks.

    Vertical is a unique product in the market, and therefore, the design must reflect this uniqueness.

      A unique design in the industry

      The resulting shapes are aggressive and aerodynamic, evoking the concept of high performance and drawing inspiration from the world of car design.

      Horizontal, vertical, and slanted lines define 'lines of force' that give rise to every aesthetic element of the protection, from polycarbonates to the study of graphics and corporate image, imparting elegance and formal balance.

      Vertical's body is what communicates the machine's identity at first glance.

      Design to Cost

      Great attention has been given to the design-to-cost approach.

      The shape of the enclosure has been designed with consideration for the use of panels that can be produced through press bending, which proves to be more cost-effective by reducing welding and sheet metal finishing operations. Two more dynamic elements have been retained on the front corners.


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