This cover is an example of industrial soundproof protection in light structural steelwork, manufactured to customer specification and industrialised by our mechanical designers.

Carbon steel, multi-layer sound-absorbing panels

    This is a part of the industrial coachwork of a railway loader, for which we manufactured and assembled the sheet metal structure, integrating accessories, such as gas springs for opening inspection doors, recessed handles, cable pass-throughs and other commercial off-the-shelf components.

      Finishing and surface treatments of the machine guarding casing

      The liquid coating of the metal sheets, requested by the customer, required precision finishing by grinding; operations carried out with great professionalism by our welders and metal workers. Before the final coating, a cataphoresis treatment was carried out to make the machine housing more corrosion-resistant. 

        Industrial soundproofing of the machine covering

        Sound insulation was achieved using special multi-layer sound-absorbing panels, applied during the assembly of the internal walls of the industrial machine guarding.


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